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Why don't I need erraiApp.properties?

Michael Hirsch Newbie

I've read the docs multiple times, and they claim that it is important that I have a file erraiApp.properties in the appropriate spaces.  For the first couple months of building our errai/gwt app, every time I got an error I didn't understand I would run around my file system creating erraiApp.properties files everywhere it might be useful, but that never solved the problem.


Now that I've been using the tools for about a half a year, I understand the errors better.  Never once have I needed erraiApp.properties.  I'm running fine, debugging and deploying, without any such file.


So why don't I need it?


My guess is that I'm only using errai on the client--not at all on the server.  Is that correct?  Is erraiApp.properties only needed for server code?





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    Jonathan Fuerth Master

    Yes, you've come to the correct conclusion.


    As of version 2.2.0.Final, Errai gets all the information it needs about client-side types from the GWT TypeOracle at rebind time. The ErraiApp.properties file (note: begins with uppercase E) does hold optional configuration info (such as declaring portable types that you can't annotate with @Portable), but it is essential as a marker for our runtime classpath scanning in the server-side code.


    We can't guarantee this will always be the case for pure client-side apps in the future, so I'd still recommend you do put one in the root of each .jar.



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    Michael Hirsch Newbie

    Thanks, Jonathan.  That's good information.