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    Howto submit an issue regarding Cygwin, add-user.sh, and "JBAS015232 No java.io.console available..." ?

    Bernard Giroud Newbie

      I'm trying to use JBoss AS 7.1.3.Final on Windows.


      Once Cygwin installed, a bin/add-user.sh u p gives an error: JBAS015232 No java.io.console available... from line 107 of AddPropertiesUser.java. I know: an easy workaround is using add-user.bat which doesn't have the problem, but if Cygwin is officially supported I think it should not have this behaviour.


      I saw quite a few issues regarding add-user.sh and console, in particular AS7-4630 and AS7-5061. But they seem resolved. So I guess I need to make an issue, but how exactly ? Can someone point me on general directives for submitting one ?


      Furthermore, the script add-user.sh is broken for Cygwin, I'll be glad to propose a diff -u of my mods. Again how ?


      Thanks in advance.