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    SwitchYard Service Deployed Event

    Yusuf Bata Newbie

      Hi there,


      Is it possible to subscribe/intercept the service deployed event for a Switchyard service running on SwitchYard 0.7? I've tried using the the ServiceDomain object to subscribe to events, but couldn't find a way to get an instance of it.


      Also, is it possible to communicate with SwitchYard's Shared Runtime Registry?




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          Keith Babo Master

          Hey Yusuf,

          Can you provide a bit more detail on where the code will live which is subscribing to these events and what your doing with them?  For example, did you want to wire a listener into a SwitchYard application?  Or were you looking to deploy a separate management application which interacted with the SwitchYard runtime? 




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            Yusuf Bata Newbie

            Hi Keith,


            We have an abstracted concept of a service in our space. The abstraction allows us to write services that are not tied to a specific service platform - like SwitchYard. We have a Service Registry which maintains static and dynamic service meta-data, including service location and endpoints.


            We believe SwitchYard is currently the best fit for us as a service platform. I understand that the SwitchYard Shared Runtime Registry partially provides a similar facility to our abstracted Service Registry. We would like each SwitchYard service to automatically call our Service Registry upon successful and failed deployment, as well as undeployment (and possibly other interesting events). This facility could be plugged in as a management application in the SwitchYard runtime, or a simple listener within a SwitchYard application. Alternatively, we could look at a pull mechanism from our Service Registry to the SwitchYard Shared Runtime Registry, though I believe this may be more reactive than we would like.


            Your thoughts?




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              Keith Babo Master

              Yusuf - events are available for service registration/unregistration and application deployed/undeployed.  As you mentioned, the key thing right now is to get to the ServiceDomain.  We don't have a contract for exposing that to application code at this point.  One way that this could be handled is with our planned support for a JMX wrapper around the SwitchYard admin module.  Events from SY could be turned into JMX notifications and then collected in any registered JMX listener.


              Another possible option would be to allow app developers to register a listener in their application and we could automatically wire that into the service domain for the deployed application.  This could be picked up as part of CDI discovery or wired into switchyard.xml directly (e.g. domain/listeners element).


              Let me know what you think.