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    Need feedback on Component Service/Reference Nub Changes in Editor

    Brian Fitzpatrick Expert

      As we've done some cleanup for SwitchYard 0.8 in the editor, we've been doing some work to "smooth the edges" of the UI a bit and make it more pleasant to look at.


      One of the things Rob did was change the shading a bit and adjust the shapes to round off hard corners. We want to do the same thing with the component service and reference nubs on the component shape as well.


      This is what we have currently in the UI after Rob's changes (nubs at 16x16):



      Here's an example of the softer nubs a few pixels larger than we have them above (20px):


      And here's an image with the nubs a little larger at 24 pixels (24px):


      Obviously we would do a bit more layout work at the higher sizes to ensure that the Text wasn't hidden, but this should give you an idea of what we're after.


      Rob and I think that the 20 pixel approach works best - it's a little bigger handle to get a hold of with the mouse and blends in nicely with what's already there. The 24 pixel arrows are a bit big.


      What do you think?