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    Disable Administration Console (Admin Console) for public IP

    Abhishek Anne Newbie



      I am first time user of JBoss AS v 5.1.


      I have depolyed application inside customized profile (by third party) kept in side %JBOSS_HOME%/server directory.


      How I Started JBOss AS in windows env?

      run.bat -c <PROFILE NAME> -b <Public IP>


      But now admin-console http://<PUBLIC IP>:8080/admin-console/XXXXXXXXXXX is also acessible form any location.


      Q1: How I can limit this to open this only from local system where JBOSS AS is running?


      Q2: How can i change its default password ? Which exact file will change the password for admin-console application?

      Many property files has entry like

      # A sample users.properties file for use with the UsersRolesLoginModule



      Q3: What is JBOSS HTTP SERVER  or JBOSS HTTP Connector? are they same? is APACHE HTTP SERVER replacement for these or JBOSS itself use Apache HTTP server?


      Q4: Is there any role to play  for my Q1? If yes how?


      Q5: Where I can find files related JBOss HTTP Server / Connector  ? How would I know this hhtp server / connector are delegating /handling my public traffiic before the JBoss AS?

      ie how can I know this HTTP server /Connector are in use or not?


      Thanks in Advance