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    Is there a way to disable or suspend a war to rebuild a database using CLI?


      Hello All,

      I have a CI scenario where I have an app running on EAP 6.0.1 and need to rebuild the Oracle DB by dropping the user and recreating the schema. 


      Previously, we

      • shut down the server
      • rebuilt the DB
      • started up the server.


      That seems heavy to me.  I know I can disable a datasource via CLI.  Can I suspend a war/ear?  My app is pretty large, so this could easily save 30 minutes a day if I could shave the server cycle time in half. 


      I noticed I can undeploy without deleting the content:

      #'disable' ear by undeploying but keeping binary 
      ./jboss-cli.sh --c --command="undeploy myapp.ear --keep-content"
      #'enable' ear by name
      ./jboss-cli.sh --c --command="deploy --name=myapp.ear"


      Are there any suspend options or ways of making a service stop hitting the DB long enough to rebuild?