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    Prioritising some web services over others

    Chris Burrell Newbie



      I was wondering if JBoss can prioritise some requests over others. I have a number of web services. Some of these webservices are low-priority and I don't mind these returning with a greater response times. Others are critical to the working of the front-end application that uses these and therefore they must be prioritised.


      So for example, I'd like to be able to ensure that 50% of the resources are always available to serve up 1 particular web service. Or, perhaps I'd like to ensure that response times to that service have a goal of 100ms or whatever value seems sensible, whereas others I can live with response times of 1 or 2s.


      I believe in WebLogic you can do this quite easily by configuring Work Managers. Do you know if JBoss has some similar capability? If so, is there a documentation page that has some details?