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    Migration from richfaces 3 to 4

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      I'm currently migrating the application from richfaces 3 to jsf2.0 and richfaces 4.However, inclusion of the jQuery library bundled with RichFaces does no longer work by including<a4j:loadScript src="resource://jquery.js"/>, as the <a4j:loadScript> component has been removed from RichFaces version 4.

      I've seen suggestions to use <h:outputScript name="jquery.js" target="head" />, but this produces no output whatever in the rendered page.Also firebug is giving the error 'jQuery not found.'

      Has anyone got a solution to load those bundled scripts?

      Thanks in advance!

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          Pavol Pitonak Master



          this way really is recommended way how to use bundled jQuery:


          <h:outputScript name="jquery.js" target="head" />


          In fact, target="head" is not necessary if you define h:outputScript inside h:head.


          If nothing is rendered, please check that you have <h:head> tag in your xhtml instead of plain HTML tag <head>.