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    Domain controller single point failure

    hitesh yadav Newbie

      I want to create cluster of  Five Node A1(Apache + mod_clusrer) for load balancing and N1 ,N2 ,N3 and N4 are Jboss As 7 .

      Here N1 is master Node. Cluster of N1+N2+N3+N4.

      I want to know what will happen if Master Node (domain controller) N1 will crash or shutdown.

      Will N2+N3+N4 still work as simple cluster ?

      Means what will happen with "HttpSession" or "Infinispan".

      Will these cache work normal in  "Distributed" or "Replicated" Mode in case of Master node crash.

      Will Apache+ModCluster will get proper status information about the cluster of remaining Node (N2+N3+N4).

      What should be do to "Deploy" or "Undeploy" new ".war" file   and to manage the  cluster(N2+N3+N4) if Master Node N1(Domain Controler) crash or shutdown  .

      Is there any option or mechanisum  like High Availibity in Domain Controller Case.