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    JBoss7.0.2 shuts down unexpectedly

    akhil achuthan Newbie

      I am using JBoss7.0.2AS. I start my jboss and deploy my application war in it and it runs fine.

      But after some time (at times a few hours, at times a day, at times a week), it is seen that JBoss has shutdown gracefully after printing all the de-registering process in the logs, whereas nobody has triggered the shurdown. I have two server isntances (not a cluster) running the same setup separately. This happens on both.. On one it is very frequent, but on the other this is very frequent.


      I have even noticed that the shutdown frequency was a bit better when i start the server as a root and not as any other user. The hosting is on a CENTOS.


      I do not have any sort of direct jboss services access type of code in my application, which could have led JBoss to shutdown. There are no custom MBeans or MDBeans as well...


      Any help