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    CMP Commit Option A Cache Question

    HunterHillegas Newbie

      I have an application that uses CMP Entities in Commit Option A. I am testing it on JBoss 3.2 beta 2.

      The app uses session facades and servlet+JSP to display the data.

      I have a JSP page that displays a list of hotels. It includes a servlet that calls a SLSB to do a findAll() on the Hotel entity. The SLSB returns value objects that represent the entities.

      I have my database logging turned all the way up so I can see what queries are executing.

      The first time I run this, I see a query that loads all of the entities. This is to be expected.

      The thing is, I see this on subsequent requests as well. Shouldn't this all be in the CMP cache since I am using option A? Why would it be going back to the database?

      Trying to figure out if we have a design problem with our application.