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    is there a way to enable active thread or active sessions count for deployed ejb3s in AS7 - ejbs deployed as jars

    Claudianus Adjai Newbie

      Hello all -

      I have been trying to figure out whether one can monitor active thread count or active sessions for ejb3s deployed on AS7. Note that the ebjs are deployed as jars on their own instead of being part of a web deployment. I know how to do this for web applications (ear or war) but can't  seem to find how to enable this for AS7 or EAP 6. I have tried various queries using the management cli in AS7 and can get stuff like this when I run queries like "/subsystem=ejb3/thread-pool=default:read-resource(include-runtime=true,recursive=true)" .



          "outcome" => "success",

          "result" => {

              "active-count" => 0,

              "completed-task-count" => 5702L,

              "current-thread-count" => 10,

               "keepalive-time" => {

                  "time" => 100L,

                  "unit" => "MILLISECONDS"


              "largest-thread-count" => 10,

               "max-threads" => 10,

              "name" => "default",

              "rejected-count" => 0,

              "task-count" => 5702L,

              "thread-factory" => undefined




      As can be seen from above json the active-count is always 0 even when I have a remote client running using one of the test ejbs I am testing.


      I can also get read-resource results for the deployed ejb but but can't seems to get active count even if I have clients actively using the ejb.


      Either way my question is: is there a way to enable response time and session metrics for ejbs in AS7?

      My goal is to monitor the session count and use that to trigger deployment of new version of the ejb to the cluster without lost of service to the clients.

      I am currently using a stateful ejb deployed to a cluster of 3 nodes of standalones AS7.


      Any help is greatly appreciated