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    Setting up Infinispan as Hibernate L2 Cache & Transaction Management

    Pradeep Balachandran Newbie

      I haven't been able to successfully setup Infinispan as a Hibernate L2 Cache and enable transaction management in JBoss AS7.1.0.Final.



      a. I got the Hibernate L2 part working with these settings but I am not sure if these are accurate.

      b. However I am unable to introduce JTA transactions to the equation.


      Please refer to my current hibernate.cfg.xml, DAOs and HibernateUtil (session mgt) and HibernateInfiManager (transaction mgt) classes attached.


      I tried to vary the settings inside the hibernate.cfg.xml file based on the posts (hibernate.cache.region.factory_class, hibernate.transaction.manager_lookup_class - deprecated, along with CMTTransactionFactory versus JtaTransactionFactory), but I get exceptions ranging from NPE, to Unable to locate Current JTA Transaction etc.


      Any help is appreciated.


      Thank you.