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    Topic authentication using Interceptors?

    T. Akhayo Newbie

      Good morning,


      I wish to control who can access/subscribe a certain Topic in my horneq jms server. I took a look the Security subject in the user manual and thought about implenting my own securitymanager. (on a side note the usermanual talks about org.hornetq.core.security.SecurityManager which is missing)


      While thinking about this i saw that the securitymanager can only be used to control the general access to the jms server.


      After looking around i bumped into interceptors, reading a bit about it in the user manual gave me confirmation that interceptors were flexible enough to implement authentication on Topic level.


      Is it wise to implement authentication with Interceptors or is there maybe another way (a better way) to do this? Maybe too much to ask but is there a simple example around?


      Kind regards.