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    seam3 : equialent for QuartzTriggerHandle


      hi to all,


      I am migrating to Seam3. What will be the equivalent to org.jboss.seam.async.QuartzTriggerHandle

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          i generally ask this question a while back. never got it answered to my satisfaction. I 'm watching this thread. The solutions they offered from javaee6 really werent equivalents. As a result im still running all of my cron processes back in seam 2 instead of moving it forward. Timers just dont quite satify my need to for reusable code.

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            I also asked this question but didn't get the answer . actually the problem is not QuartzTriggerhandle , the issue is that seam-cron module of seam 3 does not have properly working context . so even for asynchronous annotation we can't use seam 3 cron module ,  I'm using EJB .


            LEt see if we get any answer . all other annotations like @intervalcron @expiration , those are also in question.


            actually seam 3 project is discontinued and deltaspike is on the way . so m not expecting any improvement in seam-cron , but still looking for alternative , if you find any , please share .