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    Needed Help On Jboss ESB

    Sathya Somayajula Newbie



      As i am New to JBOSS ESB, I need a Help, This is how my requirement is.


      I have a webservice which returns the sqaure root of a given number, i have configured this in a Jboss ESB, now if a send a Request Message, which inturn calls  the webservice, when i send the request though service invoker, it should give me a rquest id(message id), i will  be calling this service in Asynchornous way


      Can anyone help me, these are places i got stucked up and need help.


      1) How to ge the Message id when the request is send through service invoker.

      2 How to get the Response from the queue using the message id , that has been generated while sending the message through service invoker.


      I have gone through the docs and quckstart samples, but i am unable to get direction,


      I apologize for asking a silly question. Any help is appreciated.




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          Tom Cunningham Master

          Hi Sathya,


          1) You should be able to see the message ID in any of your actions in the service which is called.      Wouldn't you want to key off some ID that you create, and not the message ID though? 

          2) It sounds like you want to check the result at the end - maybe you can use a notifier at the end of your service, and check the result whereever you notify to?

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            Sathya Somayajula Newbie

            Hi Tom,


            Thanks for the reply,


            I am getting Null value, when i used this way



            System.out.println("Message ID --------------- >"



            i used this after calling ServiceInvoker.deliveryAsync



            SendEsbMessage.java of  samples/quickstart/webservice_consumer2 project

            now as per my understanding i should a message Id which i am not getting

            and if i get a message id, i should be able to use this id and retrieve the processed response in the reply queue, using the message id.

            Please correct me if my understanding is wrong.





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              Chatura kalansooriya Newbie

              Hi Sathya,

              As per my understanding you have to use application specific own correlation Id for checking response out of return result.