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    Configuration has different effect between 5.1.8.Final and 5.2.0.Final

    johannburkard Newbie

      Hi all,


      Manik said that the configuration between 5.1.8.Final and 5.2.0.Final should be compatible. Here's my configuration:


              EvictionStrategy strategy = EvictionStrategy.valueOf(configuration.eviction_strategy ?: 'FIFO')
              FileCacheStoreConfig storeConfig = new FileCacheStoreConfig()
              storeConfig.fsyncMode(FsyncMode.PER_WRITE).location(configuration.db ?: System.getProperty('java.io.tmpdir'))
              DefaultCacheManager cacheManager = new DefaultCacheManager()
              cacheManager.defaultConfiguration.fluent().with {
                  // Passivation needs to be false, otherwise cache entries will only be written if evicted!
                  eviction().maxEntries(configuration.max_entries?.integer ? configuration.max_entries as int : 4096I).strategy(strategy)
                  locking().concurrencyLevel(configuration.threads?.integer ? configuration.threads as int : Runtime.runtime.availableProcessors())


      Now I have a performance test that writes 10 K entries into a cache. It takes about 90 seconds with 5.1.8.Final and 590 ms with 5.2.0.Final. Also, there are no cache files with 5.2.0.Final which tells me something's wrong.


      Can anyone help?