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    Adding an operation step handler for an existing subsystem

    jimmythedog Newbie


      First time post, so I hope this is the right section - apologies in advance if it's not!


      Been struggling a bit with subsystems lately, and thought I was getting on top of it - but, I'm kinda stuck (so perhaps I'm not really getting to grips with it :-( )

      Anyway, what I'd like to do within my subsytem is to be notified when a new server group is added.

      So, I thought that I'd simply implement OperationStepHandler and then register it.

      And that's where I'm stuck.


      e.g. How would I get hold of the correct ManagementResourceRegistration?

      Am I even allowed to register my own handler with another subsystem?

      And, even if I did manage it - how could I be sure that my handler would be invoked *after* the ServerGroupAddHandler had done its work?

      Is there a better way?


      Many, many TIA