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    Business applications with forge

    Timothy Kanters Newbie

      I’m pretty new to jboss forge but have been developing JSF and JPA based applications for a long time, usually backed by Spring instead of EE though.


      Currently the scaffolding plugin seems to generate a fairly flat application structure with the persistence context injected and used directly in the beans.


      In most the projects I’ve worked on we always had more separation in our design where the controller or backing bean really belonged to the view and only contained view logic and no business logic. I feel that is crucial for building larger applications and I hope you feel the same way?


      I would expect a lot of people (this is our use case) use Forge to quickly generate a base for an application on which to build upon. We need to manually add some business rules behind the the CRUD screens and we need to build a few complete new screens altogether.


      Do you feel the current design is too limited for this?I feel the beans in the current form are begging for a mixture of both view and business logic which in my mind is bad design for any larger project. Is Forge not intended for this or am I missing something here?

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          George Gastaldi Master

          Hi Timothy!


          We have developed the faces scaffold to be able to generate a simple jSF application without any deep layering, because that's the simpler way to have a Java EE application running. Since there are many architecture variarions including, but not limited to, the use of components frameworks, like Richfaces and the like, we think that the best approach to generate the ideal scaffold is creating another ScaffoldProvider as a Forge Plugin with your desirable architecture. We already have a few implementations so far, ranging from Spring MVC to a pure HTML5 based UI.


          Please, have a look at http://forge.jboss.org/docs/important_plugins/ui-scaffolding.html and at the Forge source code itself to see how it's possible to create a new Scaffold based on your requirements and feel free to share to the community if you like.


          If you have any questions, don't hesitate to look for us in this Forum or at #forge in irc.freenode.net