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    [RF 4.2.3] a4j:commandLink inside rich:dataTable + paging not working in latest Firefox/Chrome


      I have a simple a4j:commandLink with action="..." and nested f:setPropertyActionListener inside a rich:dataTable


      Stuff works fine on Opera and IE8&9. But on latest firefox and Chrome (don't know exactly which one broke it, but I remember 3.6 working fine) the command link doesn't work if it is not on first page. At first I thought it's my custom paginator wrapper, but nope. I just used the stock one and still got the same result. I have to refresh the entire view to get it to work. And even funnier - there are no error messages whatsoever. If I somehow reload the view stuff starts working...


      Quite a nasty thing this... and I don't know even where to start looking since there is no error whatsoever (not even in a4j:log), though I suspect something must go wrong somewhere on the clientside. Any clues are welcome.



      <rich:dataTable ... var="row" >
           <a4j:commandLink action="..." value="somelinkname">
                <f:setPropertyActionListener target="#{bean.currentRow}" value="#{row}"></f:setPropertyActionListener>    


      Some additional info: Glassfish, jdk 1.7, the page has a single form.