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    Monitor HTTP/S thread pools in JBoss AS7?

    Stian Lund Expert


      using RHQ 4.5.1 we have an application that behaves badly and does not close http/s connections so the pool gradually fills up.


      I would like to monitor the active/current threads in the connection pool through RHQ, but are unable to find any measurement of this metric. For https connector we have only:

      Error Count/min

      Request Count/min

      Max Connections


      But no "active connections". For instance for a JDBC pool there is "Active count".


      Possibly this is a JBoss problem more than RHQ since it looks like JBoss does not expose this metric (?).


      Under Metric Collection templates (JBoss AS7 standalone > Jbossweb > Connector)  I can't find it either. I can find it under Threads > Threadpool but I assume this is Threads for the JBoss AS and not just http/s pools.


      Any idea how to enable this?



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          Thomas Segismont Expert

          Hi Stian,


          In JBoss AS7, the JBoss Web subsystem uses an internal thread pool by default. It has no exposed attributes in the AS7 management interface.


          You can define a specific thread pool in the threads subsystem and associate a web connector with it (set the thread pool name in the executor property of the connector).


          Thread pools in the threads subsytem can be monitored by RHQ.




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            Stian Lund Expert

            Thank you Thomas for the answer!


            I guess I will have to look into doing that... even though it is a hassle the default threadpool does not  expose any monitoring data...  maybe this is something that can be made as a change request for a possible future enhancement? I mean, this is quite important data to monitor for hanging threads etc.


            Thanks again,