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    IPC issue with action mapping



      we are currently using juzu as our portlet framwork and have recently encountered an issue with IPC.


      Here is the situation:

      1. portlet A process an action

      1.1 it emit events

      2. portlet B consume the events and reloads its View based on Event.

      3. Portlet B has a form action -> but this does not work now, because after IPC event all the template actions urls are modified


                  Eg: In Portlet B template – action given in form as: <form id="overrideform" name="overrideform" action="@{doOverRide()}" method="post">

      ·         Without IPC, Portlet B is rendered with the following action mapping :

      Action =/portal/XXXSite/Reviewer?portal:componentId=3f55998a-98dd-4d56-ad16-  41c2dd52dba9&interactionstate=JBPNS_rO0ABXc_AAdqdXp1Lm9wAAAAAQAnTWFudWFsb3ZlcnJpZGVDb250cm9sbGVyLm92ZXJyaWRlUmV2aWV3AAdfX0VPRl9f&portal:type=action

                              On Submit of the form the correct action method is called.

      ·         After IPC , Portlet B is rendered with the following moified url mapping :


                                      On Submit of the form the correct action method is not called.


      So the issue is – Unable to process any actions from a portlet which was rendered after an IPC event. Notice the ‘interactionstate’ is moified to ‘navigationalstate’.

      Can anyone help us? This issue has been cross posted in juzu user group. We are currently using epp 5.2.2


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          It looks like navigationalstate is modified after IPC call with request params so it's a non-starter for us. Will not use IPC for our purposes

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            I can't reproduce your case

            I've tried with 2 simple portlet A --> dispatch event. B --> written in Juzu, and consumes that event (using @Consumes). After process event, it re-render the portlet, and the action urls still works as expected (Gatein 3.5.0.Final , Juzu 0.6.0-beta16)

            Can you attach your sample portlet to reproduce this problem ?

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              Our design calls for setting a json response from the server as a payload in an IPC event. It appears that the payload is very large and the navigationalstate that results from calling the action becamed very large and we have observed the url is actually cut off!