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    how to setup arquillian with managed jboss 5.1?

    Stijn Cremers Novice

      I'm experimenting with arquillian. I want to use arquillian with jboss as 5.1. I have found the following adapters for this version:



      - http://docs.jboss.org/arquillian/reference/1.0.0.Alpha4/en-US/html/container.reference.html#container.jbossas-remote-51

      - http://docs.jboss.org/arquillian/reference/1.0.0.Alpha4/en-US/html/container.reference.html#container.jbossas-managed-51



      I would like to use the managed version, so that arquillian can startup and shutdown the as. So good so far, but when i run my arquillian test, my test fails because jbossHome is not set. This property needs to be set to the jboss 5 directory. But this directory can be different on other peoples pc. So i want to something like this:






























      So that my arquillian config can contain this:



          <container qualifier="jbossas-managed" default="true">


             <property name="jbossHome">target/jboss-as-7.1.1.Final</property>




      But this are code snippets for jboss 7, can i do somehow the same for jboss 5?


      Note: this is a copy of http://stackoverflow.com/questions/14692601/how-to-setup-arquillian-with-managed-jboss-5-1