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    Validation of decision fails




      I'm validating my process in the web designer but all decisions are reporting the same problem "the sum of probability values of all outgoing Sequence Flows must be equal 100". This is reported even for exclusive gateways with two ways out where one evaluates process_var == true and the other one evaluates to false.

      The exact expression inside the sequence flow is


      return process_var == true;


      The only gateway's property set is the name. What are the possibilities I'm not providing for?


      Thanks in advance.


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          HI Ivan Pazmino,


          the validation error that you get is related to the simulation feature. And it should not prevent you from building the package in guvnor.


          If you do want to get rid of that validation error,

          Look at my attachment ("gate probability.png")

          basically, if you have gateway like that, then you need to ensure that the probability sum of the two out flow is 100, so in my attached diagram you can give 50 for both probability value of out flow and that should get rid of that validation error.


          But once again, it is optional to do this.




          Thomas Setiabudi