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    Can a single POJO object put into infinispan create issues during replication

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      Earlier we were using a POJO cache and had only single POJO object which will store complete state of the cache. The object was assigned to single key.


      Is it OK to move to infinispan with same setup (single key - single pojo object)? We want to understand if this setup will create any issues?


      Also, how will the replication work if we try to update a subobject inside that pojo object, will it have to sync complete object?


      What if two different servers try to update separate subojbject of this POJO object at the same time? will the replication fail saying its trying to update same key?


      We tried to setup same setup in jboss7.0 and faced two issues:

      1. Unable to acquire lock on key -- we increased the lock acquire time to 5 min (for test -- knew that this is not the correct solution) and this error is not coming

      2. There are replication exception lot of times. The cache POJO object gets updated multiple times in short duration.