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    Renaming war created by maven fails to deploy

    Sam Gold Newbie

      maven is creating a test.war in my local repository, but test_<version>.war in the remote repository.


      If I deploy the test.war, it works fine.  If I rename test_<version>.war to test.war, it fails to deploy with an error "The requested resource (/test/Test) is not available.


      I put a <context-root>test</context_root> in the web-inf/jboss-web.xml file, that didn't help.


      What do I have to do so that the renamed file will deploy?

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          Stephen Coy Master

          We need a full server.log in order to begin debugging this.

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            Sam Gold Newbie

            To avoid user errors, I started testing with the helloworld app that is part of the JBoss quickstarts.  I use maven and build the helloworld.war file.  In the local repository, it is named helloworld.war, which I can deploy fine.  In the remote repository, it is named helloworld-VERSION-otherstuff.war.  Trying to deploy this file by copying it to the jboss/standalone/deployments file fails with the requested resource is not available error.  Renaming this to simply helloworld.war does deploy, so I must have had a usererror in my initial attempt, sorry.


            Is there a way to pull the war file from the remote repository and deploy it on a 2nd system without needing to rename the war?  I'm automating the process and can't know in advance exactly what the filename will be in the remote repository.


            I know I can use the maven jboss-as:deploy, but I'm trying to deploy on a 2nd system that doesn't have maven.