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    JBoss Castor

    Dheeraj Newbie

      Hi :
      I am trying to deploy a web-app Chiki.war , which is a freeware. It works fine on Tomcat 4.1.x. But I am unable to deploy it fully on JBoss 3.2.x-Tomcat4.x.
      The application uses Castor.
      On checking the log message, I have found, that it is not able to find a user class which has been mentioned in the mapping.xml (Castor). This class is in the
      I do not understand if this can work in Tomcat, why it can't work in JBoss.
      Can anyone help me.



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          Dheeraj Newbie

          Hi :
          I have found the problem. The JBoss Classloader are not able to load the Classes mentioned in the Castor which are in the WAR file or WEB-INF/Classes.


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            Jon Ferguson Newbie

            Hey Dheeraj,

            Try changing the Java2ClassLoadingCompliance --> false in the tomcat41-service.xml file.

            It changes the way JBoss does it's classloading..

            Let me know how it works.. also I'd prefer to use Java2 class loading as well since it unifies the classpath scope. However, when I do I get other problems.. so if you find a way around this it would be kewl!