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    Problems Configuring Infinispan CacheProvider in Seam 2.3

    Akhbar Falafel Newbie

      I am trying to migrate my Seam 2.3 application to use Infinispan for caching within JBoss AS7.  I've looked at the Blog example within the Seam 2.3 distribution, and have copied the jGroupsConfig.xml and infinispan.xml files into my web application's source path and modified my components.xml to specify the appropriate cache provider.  However, when I run something like this...


          public class MyClass {





          CacheProvider cacheProvider;




          public void myMethod() {








      ...I get an error saying the Infinispan cache cannot be started.  There are no further errors, beyond what *appears* to be a parser reporting an IOException.  All I see is:


          com.ctc.wstx.exc.WstxIOException:  Stream closed


      I've cranked up the logging but still don't see anything useful.  Is there anything further I need to do to get Infinispan caching working within my app?  Do I need to manually create anything within the JBoss AS7 console?  My cache config files are in my web project's source directory.  Is that the correct location?