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    Compile errors in 2.2.0-Final with errai-UI

    Michael Hirsch Newbie

      My app uses lots of errai-ui templates.  Most of the time the template is in the same directory with the java code, but in a few cases it is in another directory.  With errai 2.1.0 it worked fine, but now with 2.2.0-final I'm getting errors like:


         Computing all possible rebind results for 'org.jboss.errai.ioc.client.BootstrapperImpl.com_termalabs_ac_client_widgets_authentication_LoginWidgetTemplateResource'

            Rebinding org.jboss.errai.ioc.client.BootstrapperImpl.com_termalabs_ac_client_widgets_authentication_LoginWidgetTemplateResource

               Invoking generator com.google.gwt.resources.rebind.context.InlineClientBundleGenerator

                  Creating assignment for getContents()

                     Finding resources

                        [ERROR] Resource ../../PreLoginTemplate.html not found. Is the name specified as Class.getResource() would expect?

         [ERROR] Errors in 'gen/org/jboss/errai/ioc/client/BootstrapperImpl.java'

            [ERROR] Line 857: Failed to resolve 'org.jboss.errai.ioc.client.BootstrapperImpl.com_termalabs_ac_client_widgets_authentication_LoginWidgetTemplateResource' via deferred binding

         [WARN] For the following type(s), generated source was never committed (did you forget to call commit()?)

            [WARN] org.jboss.errai.ioc.client.BootstrapperImpl_com_termalabs_ac_client_widgets_authentication_LoginWidgetTemplateResource_default_InlineClientBundleGenerator


      The errors only seem to occur when the template html is not in the same directory as the java class.


      Here are the appropriate lines from LoginWidget:



      public class LoginWidget extends Composite implements LoginView {


      Anyone know the proper format for using a Template, now?  What should I be doing?