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      I am using JBoss AS 5.1. I modification the attributes.xml file by defining mapping for my own my custom mbean with OID and was able to do snmp get/set on custom mbean attribute.


      The things I couldn't figure out


      1) How to send notifications/Traps from my custom mbean on invocation of start,stop methods and when attribute value is changed or new value is set?.


      2) how to configure OPENNMS to receive traps from Jboss?. I  tried to modify OPENNMS config files but was not successful, however if I provide the same port address mentioned in managers.xml in  MIB Browser Trap receiver, it does collect and show the cold start and linkup traps and similarly OPENNMS collects the traps sent from MIB Browser Trap sender and shows it as an event.

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          bunty lava Newbie

          I found the notifications can be sent by logging and TRAP_LOG appender provided in the conf/jboss-log4j.xml forwards the traps. Is this the way? By this I cannot configure to send notification for different OID and option seems is i have to add more log appenders to forward traps with different OID's.. Is there a better approach?