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    10000 records in database  and CMP

    Muneendra Newbie

      hi Every one
      Hope all of u are doing g well i coming across some problem with CMPs I hope u guys can help me out

      I have some 10000 records in database I need to update say 5000 records in a single time

      I am using CMP and I have return one finder method .This finder query satisfies the 10000 records even though i need to update only 5000 records as u know i will be getting the collection of 10000 records now the problem is after updating few records its getting hanged I mean not proceeding further

      I am thinking if I increase the heap size this problem may solve is what I am thinking is correct or is there any other way to come out from this prob . I can't modify the finder method now

      I am using Jboss3.0.0 app server
      waiting for u r reply