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    Commercial SwitchYard Support?

    Andi Scharfstein Newbie

      Hello all,


      After spending some time around this forum and asking a few questions (and receiving lots of great answers!), my employer has indicated interest in upgrading the informal status of such inquiries to a more formal arrangement. This isn't to say that amount of support we have received so far has been insufficient (far from it, in fact), but we are looking for something with guarantees and agreed-upon terms and conditions.


      My employer is a German broadcasting agency looking to implement a service-oriented architecture for our internal application landscape using SwitchYard as a transport layer and jBPM as a tool for modelling and executing business processes. So far we have been moving in a rather light-weight fashion and are inclined to keep it that way, so we are only going to add technology to our stack if there is a concrete demand.


      We are aware of support contracts offered for the current SOA-P lineup, which doesn't seem to be what we are looking for based on the observations that a) it doesn't seem to cover SwitchYard and b) it includes lots of technologies we are not currently planning on using. What we would like to find out is if something similar exists or will be instituted regarding SwitchYard, as it seems poised to replace the current JBossESB efforts. Is there anything you can tell us about the current state of affairs regarding official support, services, and so on (maybe even courses offered in Germany), or is it too early on to tell? Is there a roadmap or something similar with regards to this?


      We are posting this here instead of contacting a sales representative because our experiences on this board have been very positive, giving us the distinct impression that this is the place to go for our questions. If this is inappropriate, please feel free to redirect this inquiry to whatever representative you feel could help us answer these questions. Thanks a lot for your efforts, and looking forward to hearing from you!



      Andi Scharfstein

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          Kevin Conner Master

          Hiya Andi


          We will be offering support, services etc for SwitchYard through the SOA platform (SOA-P 6) and will shortly be starting an Early Access program for some customers.


          If you are interested in joining the Early Access program then send me a PM and I can pass your details over to the appropriate person.



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            Anton Hughes Master

            Hi Kevin


            I too am interested in leanring more about your Early Access program. I have PM'ed you. Please get back to me so we can discuss further.




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              Alan Santos Newbie

              Andi, Anton -


              We are working out the details for an early access program and expect to make a wider announcement very soon now.   


              There will be open beta program for our commercial offer (SOA-P v6) and a more limited "Early Access" program.  "Early Access" roughly translates to production level support for the SwitchYard technology before SOA-P v6 is commercially available. 


              Once the details have been worked out I will reach out to both of you directly.  Anyone else interested should send me a PM or email.