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    Seam 2.2.2 with full JPA 2 support

    Jarek Gilewski Newbie



      lately i was in need to move our seam 2.2.2 (installed on JBoss 6) to JPA 2 as we have some persistence jars we need to share with other newer application installed on JBoss 7.

      We had to move all old annotations to JPA 2 one. The problem started with validation annotations as Seam 2.2.2 was not seeing them (Seam 2.2.2 is tightly integrated with old version of hibernate).


      There is newer version of Seam 2.3 but it is not working on JBoss 6 out of the box (it is using newer version of hibernate than the one from Jboss 6).


      My idea was to move part of the code from Seam 2.3 to 2.2.2 in the way that Seam 2.2.2 will be fully working with JPA 2 as Seam 2.3 is.


      Here are the modified sources which have to be moved to jboss-seam-2.2.2.Final project. After this just call ant and new libraries will be built.

      The build is configured for hibernate libraries in the version used on Jboss 6 (that is 3.6.6.Final)


      I have tested this on my applications and it looks like it is working fine. New JPA 2 validators are working too.


      It is fresh so look at this update carefully before you go with this on production


      Maybe with this move it should be possible to move Seam 2.2.2 to Jboss 7?