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    <rich:notifyMessages> slide effect issue

    Roberto Contiero Newbie



      in a web page I inserted <rich:notifyMessages> in this way:


      <rich:notifyMessages stayTime="3000" globalOnly="true" appearAnimation="slide" hideAnimation="slide" />


      but the show event occurs always with "fade" effect and not with "slide" effect.

      I noticed in Richfaces javascript that the effect of the message is managed, in case of "in" (in case of "out" the code is almost the same), into this piece of code:


                  // Animate the notice in.

                  pnotify.animate_in = function(callback) {

                      // Declare that the notice is animating in. (Or has completed animating in.)

                      animating = "in";

                      var animation;

                      if (typeof opts.pnotify_animation.effect_in != "undefined")

                          animation = opts.pnotify_animation.effect_in;


                          animation = opts.pnotify_animation;

                      if (animation == "none") {



                      } else if (animation == "show")

                          pnotify.show(opts.pnotify_animate_speed, callback);

                      else if (animation == "fade")

                          pnotify.show().fadeTo(opts.pnotify_animate_speed, opts.pnotify_opacity, callback);

                      else if (animation == "slide")

                          pnotify.slideDown(opts.pnotify_animate_speed, callback);

                      else if (typeof animation == "function")

                          animation("in", callback, pnotify);

                      else if (pnotify.effect)

                          pnotify.effect(animation, {}, opts.pnotify_animate_speed, callback);



      In my case, the "animation" variable is initialized with "opts.pnotify_animation". The latter is initialized with default value "fade" and seems unmodifiable.

      I use Richfaces 4.2.2.Final but the problem exists also in the latest 4.3.0.Final.

      It is a bug?