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    jboss as7 deploy multiple wars at web root each with different context_root

    rshake Newbie

      I'm working on setting up a server where there will be multiple wars deployed at the root level like so (paths aren't acutal):


      /vars/www/app1.war - http://www.mysite.com/app1

      /vars/www/app2.war - http://www.mysite.com/app2

      /vars/www/app3.war - http://www.mysite.com/app3


      I am using exploded wars, in standalone mode. Using jboss AS 7.


      I currently have app1 setup with its war in my webroot. I have a context root of "/app1" setup in the jboss-web.xml inside of the WEB-INF for app1.


      A problem I am having is that external js and css files are not working properly.


      I do not have any virtual hosts setup. Are virtual hosts needed in this case?