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    a4j:support onChange reRender is performed before attributes are set

    markus_n Newbie

      Hi There,


      I have a form containing a <h:selectOneListbox /> with an attached <a4j:support ajaxSingle="true" event="onchange" reRender="someOtherDiv" />


      The problem:


      I need to set ajaxSingle="true" because someOtherDiv contains a required textfield and the selectOneListbox's onChange event needs to be triggered even when validation of that textfield fails.


      I also need to set immediate="true" on the selectOneListbox as well as on the required textfield.


      As long as ajaxSingle="true", the reRender is performed before the value of the selectOneListbox is set in the backing UI bean. I have verified this using some breakpoints: the selectOneListbox's setter is called after the other fields's getters.


      This is not what I think it should be. I think the reRender should always occur as last operation during event handling.


      Or am I doing something wrong ?

      Or is there a trick go get around this ?


      Unfortunately, my project is a legacy project I have taken over shortly. Therefore I am stuck on version 3.1.6 GA.


      Thanks and Regards,