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    How to share session between multiple wars in same JBOSS AS 7 instance

    Soumya Pal Newbie


      We are using Jboss AS 7 standalone.

      I want to deploy multiple wars in the same Jboss instance.

      One of the wars will be hosting a Login page that will let you Log In and create a User Session. Now when someone tries to navigate to http://mywebsite/AnotherModule/ the user session should be stil available to the AnotherModule app.

      Basically we are trying to break the portal application into multiple deployable war units so that we can take one off and redeploy as we want.

      I have looked at this



      But this seems to be dated and useful when Jboss used Tomcat internally.


      I also looked at this


      Similar stuff but not sure if this has been fixed.


      Can some Jboss expert kindly help how we can achieve this?