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    Seam 2.1 + jBPM: How to implement custom workflow upload/editing?

    Dennis Bieling Newbie



      I am sorry, but I am still a newbie in the field of Seam and jBPM in particular. I created a few seam applications so far and also incorporated jBPM in one test following the example from the Seam In Action bonus chapter. So far so good. My problem now is, that I would like to allow the users to define their own workflow based on an API and upload this to my application. The idea behind it is, that the user can change the fields in an existing workflow (give them different names, change a default value, ...).  Basically I am looking for the functionality of the bpm-console. In the console there is a way to create a form easily, to visulise it and to make minor changes. Is there a way to do this with Seam or how would I go about this? I am sorry for posting the question in such broad terms, but as I said before, my experience with Seam and jBPM is very limited.  So I would be really happy for any tips at all!


      Kindest regards and thank you in advance