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    How do you deploy an exploded ear in AS7/EAP6 using Maven?

    Steven Boscarine Apprentice

      I have an ear, built in Maven, working great today with EAP 6, out of the box.  My UI team is sick of waiting for a full redeploy for visual changes.  There has to be a faster way.  Right now, we do a full build with the command:

      mvn clean install jboss-as:deploy

      Everything works great, just slowly.  We'd like to explore exploded ears so our graphic artists can preview changes in real time.

      1. Do I need to configure anything in my JBoss container to accept exploded deployments?
      2. Do I need to make changes to my Maven build?
      3. Can I still use the maven plugin or CLI to deploy exploded builds?


      Thanks in advance!