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    Using hibernate Tools to generate Sql Script

    Chetan Shinde Newbie

      We wanted to generate SQL Script (DDL) from POJO class which are Hibernate Annotated. I have tried using both hibernate3 maven plugin as well as with the Schema Exporter.


      Now this class also has a Sequecne Generator defined, and I was expecting that there would be a Sequence script generated for it as well.



      This is what the code looked like in the Entity with respect to the Sequence, the allocationSize here is defined as 50, I have tried using all different sizes.


      @Entity @SequenceGenerator(name="sessionInfoIdSeq", sequenceName="SESSIONINFO_ID_SEQ", allocationSize=50)


      public class SessionInfo {


      @Id  @GeneratedValue(strategy = GenerationType.AUTO, generator="sessionInfoIdSeq")
      private Integer          id;


      I am using following JARS:


      I am using the following jars : hibernate-tools - 3.2.4.GA, hibernate-core - 3.6.1.Final, hibernate-entitymanager - 3.6.1.Final, hibernate-validator - 4.1.0.Final, hibernate-validator-legacy - 4.0.2.GA and DB related jars.


      Now when I tried debugging the code using the SchemaExporter example I found that the class in hibernate-core jar was getting called for generating the sequence text.


      The problem is that it was only creating create sequence SESSIONINFO_ID_SEQ;


      At line 146 on SequenceGenerator.java it was using

      String[] ddl = dialect.getCreateSequenceStrings(sequenceName) from the Dialect class which happened to be deprecated.


      This method implementation was


      public String[]  getCreateSequenceString(String sequenceName) {


      return "create sequence " + sequenceName; //starts with 1, implicitly




      The Dialect API said instead to usefollowing method.



      protected String  getCreateSequenceString(String sequenceName, int initialValue, int incrementSize) throws MappingException {

                                     if ( supportsPooledSequences() ) {

                                                    return getCreateSequenceString( sequenceName ) + " start with " + initialValue + " increment by " + incrementSize;


                                     throw new MappingException( "Dialect does not support pooled sequences" );



      I checked the latest APi of the hibernate-core and it too uses the deprecated method.


      Any inputs on this would be appreciated.  Do I need to raise a JIRA?


      I have attached a sample example that I used to  generate the Code, SchemaExporter.7z.