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    AccessLogValve not logging http requests for .js, .css etc.

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      I have configured the AccessLogValve & RequestDumperValve [1] in our application's jboss-web.xml to log http & ajp requests arriving on the connectors of JBossWeb. Now I see, requests on .jpg that our application takes from a remote location being logged on the AccessLogValve log but I do not see any requests (neither http nor ajp when going through the load balancer) in the same log for .css or .js that are part of our application.


      The web server does log the request for .js/.css

      The load balancer log also records the request for .js/.css


      Even stranger when I mistyped the request on my browser for a specific .js (was trying to see where it downloads it from) I see it in

      a) apache log

      b) mod_jk log

      c) accessLogValve log

      d) server.log (I have added the RequestDumperValve by now)


      I see the request (RequestDumperValve) and the 404 response about the mistyped resource.


      So the request does end up on my server but how come when it succeeds it does not get logged by the AccessLogValve & RequestDumperValve???


      Note: I have tried diffent browsers, cleaned history, cache in order to ensure that it is not cached anywhere locally but nothing.


      Any thoughts?






                  <param-value>%h %l %u %t %r %s %b %{User-Agent}i %{JSESSIONID}c</param-value>
                  <param-value>%h %s %I %D %S %U</param-value>