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    jBPM : link event and sub-process

    wishmaster7 Newbie

      hi all,


      I am working with jBPM 5.4 and I encounter a little problem with the link event on the throw/catch events, when they are not in the same sub-process.


      Here is my example: an Intermediate Throw Event called "toto", which should trigger the Intermediate Catch Event called "toto", but when starting my server (Tomcat 7) and deploying the process, I get this error :


      java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: 1 links were not processed

          at org.jbpm.bpmn2.xml.ProcessHandler.linkIntermediateLinks(ProcessHandler.java:207)

          at org.jbpm.bpmn2.xml.SubProcessHandler.handleCompositeContextNode(SubProcessHandler.java:103)

          at org.jbpm.bpmn2.xml.SubProcessHandler.end(SubProcessHandler.java:85)

          at org.drools.xml.ExtensibleXmlParser.endElement(ExtensibleXmlParser.java:417)



      Java is parsing the XML document, finds the catch event but does not find the corresponding throw event.


      Note: when both events are in the same process, it's working.


      Anyone can help me?