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    Performance improvements for creating a lot of subscriptions

    Michael Woldrich Newbie

      We use Hornetq 2.2.14

      We have about 7000 topic subscriptions server side and we found out that we get performance problems with an application that creates about ~60 subscriptions more.

      With profiling we see that 1 subscription takes about 100ms, so we lost 6sec.

      We also knowing that the network and the server need some time (it´s a WAN and the server is sometimes working hard).

      So is there a possability for speed up creating subscriptions, e.g do not blocking when creating a new subscription.

      We also check to do not stopping the connection when creating a subscription, but there is not much benefit.


      I test it on my local machine and creating 7000 subscriptions and 1 subscription takes about 15ms. 

      So if you have any hints, it would help us.