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    jBPM as service (EJB).


      Q.1) How do i add my bpmn process and script task classes to GWT console. Do I need to go through guvnor tool. (If yes how to I add my script based classes)



      Q.2) Is there any way the jbpm engine works as an EJB service? 


      At present the way I understood it (based upon examples):


      We create a process and it gets executed and the human task goes to another server. The program that creates the process waits for the JMS to respond back and the process completes. Effectively the engine runs in my VM. (Correct me if I'm wrong)



      I more wanted a BPM service which can be called for process creation on a remote machine (running as service). The same engine will store all the relevant data related to process such as:


      1. Process instance creation
      2. Human task monitoring (running along with the engine and NO on HornetQ JMS/Human task war)
      3. Can be accessed remotely for identifying where a process is stuck at present.
      4. Can we used for finding out the task for a given user (i.e. process engine and human task server run on same server/cluster).
      5. Assigning task to other users
      6. Canceling a process instance (NOT Task)


      This makes the overall installation and administration easy as there are less resources involved (No JMS/wars etc, only once service). The overall engine is encapsulated in one package.


      We will be writing out own UI layer to interact with this engine.


      Is this available as an EJB service in Enterprise endition OR this has to accessed from GWT based REST service that I suppose provides same functionality.


      Oracle based BPM provides such facility and it is helpful to use. May be I did not understand the documentation properly, please help me in right direction.