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    Who is using Infinispan?

    L L Newbie


      I am trying to find who is using Infinispan. I don't find it anywhere in the website. Does anyone know list of companies that are using Infinispan? I want to  evaluate it for our application, but not sure, how popular is this API and how widely is it used. Can someone give input?



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          Erik Salter Newbie

          I know a number of big companies (like mine) are using Infinispan.  The thing, though, is that people using the community version may not want their usage advertised.


          Red Hat also offers a commercially-supported version of the data grid product called JDG.  There you may be able to learn of other companies/projects and their data grid usage.


          If you want, you can mine the Red Hat Summit/JUCon presentation archives regarding Infinispan.  There are some interesting presentations that may give you some of the answers you may seek.





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            Radoslav Husar Master

            Note that JBoss Application Server uses Infinispan for implementation of its clustering layer, so there is a pretty large deployment there.