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    Packaging picketlink-extensions in EAR

    Stian Thorgersen Novice

      I'm using picketlink-extension in a project that has an EAR with two WARs. I'm having an issue with how to package the picketlink-extensions. The alternatives and the issues I've encountered are:


      * Include as lib in both WARs - this causes problems as there are multiple instances of CDI beans in the EAR. For example "@Inject PicketLinkIdentity identity" throws "org.jboss.weld.exceptions.DeploymentException" as there are multiple names with bean name "loginCredential"


      * Include as lib in EAR - doesn't work correctly as stateless session beans (rest endpoints) are not deployed as beance. For example registering a user using the rest endpoint throws "javax.persistence.TransactionRequiredException" as there is no transaction started when persisting the user


      * Package as EJB in EAR - this works fine, but just doesn't feel quite right + requires "hacking" in the EARs pom as picketlink-extensions is a JAR


      What is the recommended way to package the picketlink-extensions in an EAR? Is there any plans to provide an AS7 sub-system or module for it?