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    Deployment problem with ejb-ql

    John Watson Newbie

      A Newbie problem I'm afraid (JBoss 3.2.0 Beta2). I have defined a finder method in my bean's home interface named findByUniqueCode. I have attempted to define a finder method in ejb-jar.xml as follows :


      support finding the bean by the secondary key (code)
      <ejb-ql>select distinct object(e) from Subscriber e where e.code = ?1 </ejb-ql>

      Deployment fails with the warning:

      Bean : Subscriber
      Method : public abstract ISubscriberLocal findByUniqueCode(String) throws FinderException
      Section: 10.5.6
      Warning: Every finder method except findByPrimaryKey(key) must be associated with a query element in the deployment descriptor

      What have I done wrong?