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    How to access a Singleton Session Bean

    Joseph Fouts Novice

      I have a EJB Singleton Session bean that I want to access from a java program.

      The java program is called from an EJB Session bean.


      I tried use the injection @EJB annotation but this did not work.  The Singleton Session

      bean object was null.


      I tried useing the EJBContainer object to get a context but this blew up.  (see below)


         final Context context = EJBContainer.createEJBContainer().getContext();/

         MySessionBean mbean = (MySessionBean) context.lookup("java:global/MySessionBean");



      Could one of you JBoss experts please tell me how I can access an EJB Singleton session bean from a java program

      that is called from an EJB Session bean?


      Any help is greatly appreciated.