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    CDI Interceptor at method level are not applied in JUnit setUp

    jm collin Newbie

      Hello community,


      Here is my problem.

      I had a JEE6 application, running well in JBoss AS 7.1.1.


      I try to test business classes exposed as EJB, and I use an embedded Weld container to do the tests. All seems to work well.


      But ...

      When, in a test case I have a setUp method which do a business method call, interceptor declared at method level are not triggered (but there are trigerred when declared at class level).


      Here is some piece of code explaining the problem :

      My EJB :



      @Logged(level=EnumLoggedLevel.INFO)   <-- this inteceptor works well

      public class ServiceAccountImpl extends JPAMongoCrudService<Account, VoAccount, DaoAccount> implements ServiceAccount {



          @Transactional        <-- this one does not work in TestCase.setUp but works well elsewhere

          public void remove(String id) throws ExceptionTechnique, ExceptionFonctionnelle {




      My testCase :

      public class ServicesTestCase {


          private ServiceAccountImpl srvAccount;



          public void setUp() throws Exception {

              // do some cleaning

              srvAccount.remove(...);   <---- Here the @Transactional interceptor is not called ! but the @Logged is well called.



      My interceptor declaration :



      public class JPAMongoTransactionalInterceptor implements Serializable {



          public Object transactionalMethodEntry(InvocationContext invocationContext) throws Exception {

              log.info("In JPAMongoTransactionalInterceptor");      <--- I don't see this when called in setUp



      Any help would be greattly appreciated.