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    JBoss AS 7.1.1Final /temp Folder

    muesli Newbie

      Hi everyone,


      since I'm new to JBoss I hope this question is not too stupid.
      While my developer was deploying his application we realized that JBoss creates some temp-Files in the /temp folder. Not the tmp-Folder in my Jboss-directory but the one in my root-path.


      Is there a way to avoid this files in my /temp or to tell JBoss to locate them in his own subpath like /opt/jboss7/temp?


      Backgroundstory: I'm running to JBoss AS 7.1.1.Final standalone instances on the same server via 2 vIPs, but while deployment the second instance seems to get permission problemes with temp files /temp that are owned by the user of the first instance. To have a clear seperation I want each instance to just write to their own tmp-path.


      Thanks in adavance for your help.



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          Wolf-Dieter Fink Master

          How do you have installed the servers? How do you start.

          Do you use 'fresh' AS7 server or do you change the configuration?

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            muesli Newbie

            I installed the servers via extracting the tar.gz into a jboss1 folder and then copied this folder to jboss2. Afterwards I edited the standalone.xml of each of them. I changed the IP-Adresses for management-native, management-http, management-https and the wsdl-host. So every instance now has its own vIP for every task but it seems that they still try to use the same files in /temp which leads to permission problems because the temp-file is owned by the first jboss-user and the second jboss-user has no right to write to this file. Which seems to be a good thing because I don't want them to share anything. But on the otherhand I want them both to be runable, independenly from oneanother.

            So my suggestion was to tell each jboss-instance to just use its own tmp-folder for these things (opt/jboss1/standalone/tmp).
            Is there a possible solution, a config file or parameter to tell jboss to use this 'internal' folder not the 'global' /tmp folder?

            Maybe this could be an issue during development? Maybe my developer has to take care of the path?

            For me as a jboss newbie there are too many options where I can't find any good solution for...


            Hope somebody can help me with this issue.




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              muesli Newbie

              Maybe I can compress my question a little bit:


              Is there a way I can ban JBoss from writing to my root-temp Folder?

              I want JBoss AS 7 to stay in his folder located under /opt....nothing should create files under /temp.


              I already set the jboss.server,temp.dir in standalone.conf  to /opt/jboss/standalone/tmp in the JAVA_OPTS but JBoss still generates files under /temp.


              Does anyone have a clue how I can stop Jboss from writing to /temp?


              Thanks again!